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About Us

As industry leaders since our founding in 2012, we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, and providing products to wholesalers and dealers worldwide.


Since service is in our DNA, as true for the entire Amarel Group, we enjoy putting our minds together to deliver engineering services, a variety of professional services, quality goods that adhere to the highest standards, cutting edge technology innovation & amp development.

AES was selected by RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems as sole provider of cross platform engineering services and is committed to large scale and national projects, intelligence and wide market of medical, automotive, communication, IoT (Internet Of Things), agriculture and irrigation projects.

The Team

Ariel Molad


Experienced manager and entrepreneur in the high tech and defense industries.

Founded and co-managed Amarel Ltd from seed to hundreds of employees

Specializes in managing and enabling fast growing multidisciplinary activities.

Holds BA in Business and IT technologies and MBA from the IDC.

Gil Adar


A veteran and entrepreneur in the market of embedded system design and very large-scale integration.

Specialize in converting an idea into an explicit architecture and then managing groups of different sizes to develop, implement and manufacture in various scales of production.

Highly experienced in multidisciplinary technologies and holds thorough know-how of contemporary technologies and research.

Holds BSc in EE from Tel-Aviv University.


Ram Weiss-Itzhaki

VP Research Development & Engineering

Ram has more than 20Y of experience, mainly on VLSI industry. 

Held several managerial positions at Intel and Mellanox, and served as VP engineering of the networking SoC team at Marvell Semiconductors.

Ram specializes in getting things done while managing RD&E teams through the entire development phases, starting from an idea to mass production. 

He is fluent and hands-on experienced in multidisciplinary technologies.

Holds BS.c in Computer Engineering (Cum Laude) and an MBA from the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology.

Rafi Amarzoyev

Mechanical Design Department Manager

Ran Weinistein

Software Design Department Manager

Oded Lissak

Firmware department manager


A Few of Our Clients

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