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FPGA Development

Whether it’s a stand alone or as part of it’s turnkey solution, AES provides highly complex FPGA design services.We now own various highly complex IP's dealing with Signal processing for different markets, enabling us to custom our IP's per case basis.

Verilog / VHDL Design

Design for Testability

Signal processing:


Real Time, Audio, Video, Multimedia Solutions

Data acquisition - correlation and precise Filtering

IPs owned by AES - modular and customization oriented



Contemporary and  legacy communication interfaces, such as:

RS232, 485, 442, display ports, USB, PCIE, HDMI, LVDS.

Network management and switching solutions


WiFi, Internet, TCP / IP, BT / BIE,

Deep packet inspection (DPI)

Man in the middle (MiM)


Zigbee Z-wave, SigFox, LORA - Long Range Low Power communication fabrics