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AES designs complex class I/II/III medical devices, using miniaturization and hybrid contemporary solutions and techniques, for various fields stretching throughout the medical arena.

Cardiovascular and Neuroimaging, multi electrode diagnostic equipment

Applicators - laser, ultrasound and radio based for surgical, aesthetics and ophthalmologic devices

Consoles for aesthetics / anti-aging and ablation / generator units


Multielectrode therapeutical and diagnostic catheters

Multi-Transducers ultrasound catheters

Generic and reusable IP's, Building Blocks and Circuits (e.g. Electrophysiology)

Circuit Topologies Designed for Miniaturization

Microvolt level Signal conditioning - Body Surface ECG / Intracardiac ECG / EEG / EMG

Simultaneous processing of hundreds of channels (Electrodes)

Body tissues impedance measurement & proximity sensing

High resolution / High Linearity / Low Noise

High voltage / High power generators

Single Fault Tolerant Designs

32 / 16 bit Digitally Controlled Frequency / Phase & Amplitude / Offset Control

HW based flexible Amplitude Modulation Schemes

High Speed Analog Switching

Advanced Processing Technologies