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Software / Firmware Development

The Software / Firmware development department is one of our largest departments, consisting of a couple of veterans in the market, along with highly skilled and experienced software engineers, which each is an expert in his field. Constructing together the most professional group of Software Design team for embedded and RT embedded design.


Major services provided by the team:


Providing different firmware solutions to allow boot and configuration of various platforms.


We Design BSPs for Linux, Windows, VxWorks, FreeBSD, Integretrity, PSoS and more contemporary operating systems.


We Design HAL

(HW Abstraction Layer) architectured in specific to fit the system, while being generic.


We design drivers and applications, partitioning / architecting through layers, kernel to application, Including native applications for android and iOS.


Network management and switching solutions:


Wi-Fi, Internet, TCP/IP, BT/BLE.

Deep packet inspection (DPI).

Man in the middle (MiM).


Supporting Java,C#/.Net,C/C++,OOP, UML.


Network management and switching solutions:


WiFi, Internet, TCP/IP, BT/BIE,

Deep packet inspection (DPI)


Man in the middle (MiM)


Zigbee Z-wave, SigFox, LORA - Long Range Low Power Communication Fabrics